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Pacific Wellfare Resource Investment, an industry leader, turnkey solution provider for the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology.

太平洋氢能 先进的氢能动力一站式终极解决方案的提供者

We provide the most advanced 70MPa and 35Mpa hydrogen fueling station designs and production. Our projects are strictly protected by intellectual property rights, and are limited to commercial use only. We own and develop our large scale research and production centres, and several more locations in the near future. We have developed rapidly in Canada, and are also partners with other industry leaders around the world. We have signed several cooperation agreements with municipal governments in other countries. Our goal is to promote hydrogen fuel cell technology and build zero emission cities. We strictly uphold the confidential agreements with our business partners, and do not disclose the details of these agreements with any organizations other than our joint ventures and strategic partners. Our PWRI Hydrogen Fueling Stations and PWRI FC-V Engine are perfect solutions for large transit buses, heavy duty trucks, automobiles and canal vessels, providing fast refueling, longer mileage, safety, and zero emission.

PWRI 提供最先进的加氢站及满足 吉普,重型卡车,客车,船舶的氢能动力 提供零排放发动机解决方案
PWRI 所有项目均严格保护知识产权,严格限定于民用
PWRI 是加拿大为数不多的拥有购置大型工业土地厂房的企业,并且在不断迅速扩大,与全球著名企业,与全球重要零排放城市有着紧密的合作和正在完成的协议
PWRI 基于和各个大型合作/合资企业,城市的商业保密协议,不开放相关信息,但是这并不影响我们在氢能国际合作领域的带头企业之一光荣地位。
PWRI H2 STATION –V 加氢站 及 PWRI FC-V 系列 面向吉普,大中及重型卡车,客车,民用船舶,功率可以达到兆瓦级。 可以提供更长的续航里程,快速氢燃料补充,安全,绿色 零排放


Hydrogen Technology

PWRI – The leader of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Advantages of PWRI Hydrogen Fueling Station

PWRI has long track record and history of turnkey solutions for hydrogen fueling. We are the leader in hydrogen refueling station, container packaging design, including liquid filling and gaseous filling hydrogen stations. PWRI offers fixed, mobile and semi-permanent configuration of hydrogen filling solutions to meet your application needs.

Pacific Wellfare 加氢技术的领导者

PWRI H2 Station V 加氢站优势

Pacific Wellfare 拥有许多年的氢燃料加注和解决方案的历史,是交钥匙一站式解决方案,集装箱加氢站包装设计的先驱领导者。包括液态,气态氢能的加注。

Pacific Wellfare 提供固定式,半永久性和移动式配置的氢气加注解决方案,以满足您的应用需求。

We design Hydrogen fueling stations with the following features:


  • 70 MPa and 35MPa packaging containers, turnkey, compact and modular design
  • Multiple configurations are available for light-duty passenger vehicles, medium / heavy trucks and industrial vehicles, marine applications
  • Minimizing or eliminating field tests
  • Central control systems, remote access, remote support service, and wireless firmware update
  • Fully automatic operation, complete with data logging capabilities
  • Control system can be optimized repository pressure to achieve rapid hydrogenation time
  • Provides automatic e-mail alerts about system failures and service requirements to be responsible for the maintenance of the site operator / provider entity.
  • Certification of all our production facilities have achieved global international certification.
  • 70 MPa和35 MPa集装箱包装,交钥匙,紧凑和模块化设计
  • 多种配置可用于轻型客车,中型/重型车辆和工业卡车,船舶应用
  • 最大限度地减少或消除现场测试。
  • 中央控制系统,远程连接,远程服务支持和无线固件更新
  • 全自动操作,具有完整的数据记录功能
  • 控制系统可优化存储库压力,实现快速加氢时间
  • 向负责维护的站点运营商/实体提供商提供有关系统故障和服务要求的自动电子邮件警报
  • 认证 我们所有生产取得设备都有全球国际化的认证

When you select PWRI, you choose an industry leader with the most cutting edge technologies in hydrogen fueling stations.

当您选择Pacific Wellfare 时,您将选择加氢站的技术领导者。

Advantages of PWRI Hydrogen Fueling Station

PWRI FC-V series hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine, are designed with the most advanced shape, small size, strength, high durability, adaptability to various climate environments, reduced production costs compared with conventional duel cells, and greatly improved stability and adaptability, and can provide power 60, 90, 130, 300 Kilowatts, or higher.

Pacific Hydrogen Energy, the ultimate one-stop solutions provider of advanced hydrogen power. We also provide solutions for pure hydrogen extraction, storage, hydrogen power technology, equipment and customized turnkey projects.

PWRI FC-V 系列 氢燃料电池发动机

设计采用最先进的设计,测试,定型,体积小,功率强,耐久性高,适应各种复杂气候环境,生产成本比普通燃料电池减少巨大,稳定性和适应性得到大幅度提高。功率有60--90--130--300 千瓦 乃至更高兆瓦级的动能。

配合我们的适应各种复杂环境的加氢站,我们PWRI FC-V 系列 氢燃料电池发动机适用于港口拖车, 港口拖轮, 集装箱卡车, 公路卡车, 公共汽车, 吉普车, 轿车, 叉车。


Our Company Mission

To reduce carbon emission in countries on both sides of Pacific, to build a greener, better Pacific Land.



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We supply the best European dairy products, grape seed oil and olive oil. We have the best North American natural vitamins (over 100 products) and foods, including honey, water, flour, wine, etc.


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